What is Floating? (In a Float Tank)

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank is quite possibly the most relaxing thing you can do for your body and mind! Just imagine floating in space . . . Although floating has been around for 60 years with a lot of research conducted, it is only now becoming popular. The process involves a large tank … Continued

Sol Search Inspires North County

Sol Search Inspires North County to take care of our skin. Wonderful speakers and survivors came out to speak on melanoma awareness.

July 2015 Around Town

What better place to spend Independence Day than at the San Diego County Fair? Highlighting the day will be the traditional fireworks display at approximately 9 p.m.  The fireworks display is visible throughout the Fairgrounds, so as long as you're outside, there's no better place to watch. The day begins with a patriotic Opening Ceremony at about 9:30 a.m. at the O'Brien Gate.

Del Mar Race Track: Then and Now

July 3, 1937 – Del Mar opens, Bing Crosby welcomes patrons at the front gate 
August 12, 1938 – Seabiscuit wins the historic $25,000 winner-take-all match race that put Del Mar “on the map” 
September 7, 1970 – Fourteen years after John Longden became the world’s winningest rider with a victory at Del Mar, Bill Shoemaker displaces him with a…

Visiting Angels: 
Caring Everyday in Everyway

A call for a Visiting Angel comes in at 3:22 a.m. Mrs. Cansto had a fall on her hallway rug and required the assistance of a caretaker after she’s discharged from the hospital. Owner of Visiting Angels, Rick Tverdoch, calms Mrs. Cansto’s daughter who is feverishly trying to book the next flight out to San Diego from Maine. Fortunately, Rick’s…

Fair Trade Decor Captivates Del Mar

Deep in South Africa, a campfire’s red and yellow flames illuminate natives’ faces as they create colorful baskets made out of telephone wires. These unassuming telephone wires represent the simple security every family seeks: food, water, shelter and maybe even some security for tomorrow. Consequently, up to 600 indigenous artisans concentrate while manipulating pliable wires to produce beautifully woven baskets.…

A Photographer’s Passion 
& Visionary Escapes

The soul of Mike Orenich is behind every photo he’s captured. Through his eyes we are allowed a glimpse into the image he was compelled to document, a picture within a frame that time cannot fade. A man indigenous to remote western Mongolia huddled in fur with eagles at his side. A woman in Cuba in vivid contemplation. A 1956…

July 2015 Publisher’s Letter

Welcome to the first issue of the Del Mar Lifestyle magazine! Our mission for this magazine is simple; we hope to play a key role in helping the community flourish, by producing a resource filled with news and special events that take place throughout the month. We are the exclusive magazine for the Del Mar community, sharing positive, uplifting and…

Back to Basics: A

Once you’ve decided to get serious about financial planning or investing, one of your next steps may be to seek professional assistance. Perhaps relatives or friends are recommending financial professionals to you. Maybe you know some financial professionals yourself. What is the smart way to choose financial planning advice and service? Consider these 10 ideas: