Octoberfest in Del Mar.

Happy October, Del Mar! Welcome to this month's issue of Del Mar Lifestyle. October is filled with so many joys: pumpkin spice lattes, hayrides, Halloween parties for kids and adults alike and well, surf contests! Swami's Surfing Association celebrates its 51st Anniversary this year and all of North County is bound to get out and have a look. As we…

Del Mar Lifestyle Launch Party

It's official – we warmly welcomed guests to celebrate the launch of our summer issue at the Del Mar Racetrack. Proceeds benefited the Make a Wish Foundation. Here's to many years to come in serving our Del Mar community. Photography Jon Naugle.

October 2015 Around Town

Local film director Sue Vicory created an all-female film team to enter a 48-hour San Diego film project; San Diego has the third-largest 48-hour film project in the world. Vicory's cast and crew of around 30 women, called Team XX, worked to film entirely in and around Del Mar. Absent, a narrative short, received three nominations at the San Diego…

October 2015 Feature

In October of 1810, 40,000 citizens of Bavaria, Germany, gathered for the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. For 16 days the guests relished in the festivities, dancing, horse races, and, of course, drinking. The popularity of the event inspired a reprise the following year, and again in 1812. Consequently, Oktoberfest was born.

Behind the Mask

Most of the year we are our ordinary selves, living out the beauty and adventure of each common day as it passes. At the end of October though, we get the chance to reach into the dark shelves of our imaginations and try out our uncommon self.

Inflation: The Great Retirement “Robber”

Most people have a basic understanding of how inflation works. When the prices of goods and services rise, your money doesn’t stretch as far. During your working years, if you’re receiving regular pay increases, it can be easy to overlook inflation’s overall impact on your bottom line because those raises can help to offset the effects of rising prices.

October 2015 What’s Cooking?

I’m excited to share it! The book is fresh and different in that it takes a 5-trimester approach to pregnancy with preconception being the first trimester. In the preconception phase, we lay out a 12-week plan to cleanse and build the body to prepare it to conceive naturally.

It’s Lobster Season

Lobster season is a time to meet your neighbors! Those with fresh caught local lobster make friends in driveways and kitchens. When midnight strikes, the flippers go on and masks hit the dark water. The season opens 12 a.m. on the Saturday preceding the first Wednesday in October. This year, that falls on Oct. 3, 2015. Dedicated lobster divers show…

No Tricks to Treating the Kids to Fall Fun

Simple crafts and costumes, plus a sample of local autumn events

Wellness Starts with You

You go to the doctor when you’re sick, but what about to stay healthy? Del Mar Integrated Medicine, a wellness clinic open since May of last year, wants to keep you in top condition so you can live your best life.

Real Talk San Diego

In a world where we now communicate in 140 characters or less, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to explain their unique value proposition to consumers. If you’ve only got a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, how can you demonstrate the merits of your product or service? Real Talk San Diego is an entrepreneur’s soapbox that overcomes the challenges…

Floating Away Anxiety, Depression and Fear

We have all experienced one or more symptoms associated with anxiety . . . pounding heart, feelings of loss of control, butterflies in the stomach, irritability, restlessness, fear. In many cases anxiety is an appropriate response to a specific threat. But when it spirals out of control into panic, or is not associated with a specific cause or object and…