Del Mar Art Center Holds Silent Auction

The Del Mar Art Center held it's annual holiday event on December 5th, highlighted by their famous "Silent Auction." 
Those in attendance were treated to live music, wonderful art and holiday cheer!

Around Town

As a solo artist and as frontman for Ben Folds Five, singer-songwriter-pianist-raconteur Ben Folds has earned a reputation as a singular and influential voice in the world of popular music. One of pop and rock's great piano-playing showmen, Ben’s sound and sensibility - an eclectic mix of rock power, jazz chops, and wry observational songwriting - evokes the essence of…

Love is in the Air

Who knew boarding a simple airplane 23 years ago in my blue sweat suit (think ‘80s wear) would change my entire life? Certainly not me, or I might have dressed a bit snappier and put on a smidge of makeup and perfume. But, I had reached that elusive place of peace in my quickly-nearing-explosion biological countdown when I figured if…

Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation

When considering the benefits of physical therapy with humans, and how essential it can be for recovery and quality of life, it is natural to conclude that this too would prove beneficial for our canine family members that are valued as our best friends or children. Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Center is a full service facility, the only one…

Blink Lash Boutique and Blush Tan

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts of romantic dinners for two, intimate moments and treasured gifts come to mind. Getting ready to go out on the town with that someone special to celebrate the day calls for a bit of personal indulgence, and two local businesses stand at the ready to help you embrace a little self-love on…

Walking North: Discovering Japan

The head priest walks over to the center of the main shrine room to offer the daily morning prayers. Chanting, clapping, singing and a specific protocol of procedures, for passing the blessed offerings on to other members of the party, follow. Drumbeats declare the end of the ceremony and the assistant to the priest, in full regalia, invites guests to…

Building Character in the Kids You Love

To those of you with young children, I empathize. Feeding, bathing, buckling, chasing, dressing, then doing it all again is a physically exhausting day-into-night- into- day. You look forward to the time when your toddlers are in school, when you get a rest, when the pace will slow down. It’ll be so much easier once they’re older…right?

February: The Month of the Heart, Give Yours Some Loving Care

The heart is often referred to as the symbol of love. While love is vital to a fulfilling life, a healthy heart is crucial to it. A healthy heart functions without us having to even think about it. It beats about 100,000 times per day and pumps 1.5 gallons of blood through the body per minute. The more in shape…

Koniakowsky Ocean Art Holiday Open House

On Saturday, December 12th Koniakowsky Ocean Art opened its doors for a night of live music, drinks, and holiday specials! The event featured a drawing that benefitted Care House, an organization that helps local teens in need.

Ski Week 2016

To a lot of Del Martians, February means one thing: Ski week. For one week in mid-February Del Martians pack up and abscond to their favorite skiing destinations. We’ve composed a list of our top 5 California skiing destinations. Enjoy!

Love in the Air

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, and love in the air, I often feel I have a “love affair” with the stock market. My problem is that it doesn’t always love me! For those who follow stocks, 2016 began with a lackluster experience for most of 2015 in the stock market. The general market as represented by both the Dow…

Lifestyle Letter

Greetings Del Mar! Welcome to the February issue of Del Mar Lifestyle. This being February, I suspect that many of our hearts and minds find themselves pondering love. As I sat down to write this, I found myself pondering love. I considered attempting to articulate what love means to me. I considered writing a long-winded soliloquy regarding broad themes of…

Bells of Freedom

On Sunday December 6 a caravan left for Camp Pendleton to participate in the San Diego Bells of Freedom event 
by meeting their military families and giving holiday gifts!